Fisherman's coat

I recently bought Noah a little waterproof jacket to keep him dry when dodging the spring showers. As he had outgrown all his others I really wanted something that would be both warm and waterproof but not too heavy for the warmer months. 

 In the end I settled on a bright yellow one from Marks and Spencer. I had seen it some weeks before and thought it was just so cute for a little boy! The colour reminds me of the typical fisherman outfits that are such a frequent sight in Cornwall where we holiday every year. 


Noah was so delighted with this coat when I first showed it to him. What toddler doesn't love bright colours?- Especially when they get to wear them! 
In fact, the other morning he insisted on wearing this coat all day long. He had been wearing it over his pyjamas and I had to really persuade him to take it off just so we could get dressed for the day. I only won that battle by allowing him to continue wearing the coat in the house- for the rest of the day!

I think this is going to be perfect for Cornwall this year. It will certainly be easy to spot him running about on the vast Cornish beaches and it should make keeping an eye on him in the crowds a much easier task!


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