Fruit Kebabs

While the weather is so beautiful, I feel the sun beckoning us outside to feel its warmth on our skin and remind ourselves once more of how lovely it is to be in the fresh spring air.
 While it lasts, *Touch wood!* I am taking every opportunity to spend as much time outside as possible and breathe in the goodness of the sweet Devonshire air. 

Whilst my toddler is definitely riding out the classic fussiness with food phase, he does, thankfully, have a real love for fruit. Last night after dinner we went to sit outside and enjoy some time together making fruit kebabs. Now, I am not going to pretend to reinvent history with this simple recipe. After all, it's simplicity is all part of its beauty! Making fruit kebabs turned out to be a fun and engaging activity for Noah to enjoy as I laid out several bowls of his favourite fruits and we began stacking them in various patterns, colours and variations of fruit. 

(Don't mind his berry juice stained mouth!) 

Berries were definitely in demand this evening! We used raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and banana chunks to make our kebabs and they went down a treat for everybody. I often think of fruit as a great opportunity for a healthy 'pick and mix' for babies. The naturally bright colours are always going to impress little ones and so, certainly for my toddler, it never requires much   persuasion to get him involved.

The fun of stacking his own little bamboo stick with his favourites (mostly strawberries!) made for a satisfying and gratifying dessert and watching the fun he had doing it made my day! 
Obviously, it goes without saying this is such a simple activity and so ideal for little ones. However, there's nothing to stop you laying fruit kebabs on for an adult dinner party either. Chocolate fondue anyone?!

I would love to see your fruity kebab creations, so do follow my social media and stay connected!


Happy Tuesday all!
Love Bunty


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