Happy memories

Going back to Eddy's home always reminds me of the old days when we first began dating and how we used to trek it up from Devon to Lincoln back and forth on the train. 
If there is anything that takes me back to seven years ago when we first started 'going out', it probably has to be his guitar collection. This one was his first and also happens to be one of my favourites.
 If i'm completely honest, back then I just liked it for the pretty colour as I am no guitar player myself! But when I look at it now I am reminded of happy days listening to music with him, learning a few chords myself and watching him 'rock out' to our favourite tunes. 

Sometimes life can be very hectic, (especially now as parents!) But from time to time it is nice to be reminded of carefree days gone by- especially in those moments of strain. Yet it goes without saying that I wouldn't trade anything in the world for what I have now: a happy marriage and two beautiful children. 
When I look back at some of our happy memories pre-marriage and all the fun we had together, I cant help but be reminded of why we began this journey together and this serves to comfort me in times of trial. 

We've been so blessed in our marriage and, as such,  I think it's important to take the time to recognise how God has and still works in our lives and to be thankful for every moment along the way.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!
Love Bunty


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