Jonah's three month update

Hi guys! Having taken a week off blogging to have some quiet (internet free!) time and a mini-break with my family, I'm happy to be back this week and starting off with Jonah's 3 month update.
Granted, this is slightly late as Jonah officially turned 3 months a week ago now- (Oops!)

At three months Jonah is quite a chubby little man! He has really mastered holding his head now and his overall body strength has improved noticeably. Physically he is changing all the time: gaining weight and growing in length. But one of my favourite developments at this age is the beginnings of individual personality starting to show through. Jonah has started laughing now! We realised he could when, just the other day, Eddy and I were talking to him as he lay on our bed and all of a sudden he let out the cutest chuckle and proceeded to grin and laugh at us. 

I think most parents can remember that first sweet moment their baby's face really lights up when they recognise you. It always comes as the greatest reward for the early months of taking care of a newborn which is such a rollercoaster of emotions as it is! I would say that has been my highlight of this past month with Jonah. He is always so happy to see us and one of his gummy grins can turn the gloomiest day around as far as mummy is concerned!

The other change this month has been that he is moving up a size in his clothing. I actually found it quite emotional as it really indicates that the early/newborn phase is coming to an end. As sad as it is to fold away the newborn clothes for the next little while, I absolutely love the next stage of putting little outfits together now that he is getting big enough to wear actual clothes. (See what I mean about the emotional rollercoaster?!) Rummaging through Noah's aged 3-6 month clothes brings back so many cherished memories of his early months and it's lovely to have those clothes back in the current wardrobe again.

Noah was an early teether with his first bottom teeth cutting through around the four month mark and I suspect that Jonah might be the same as he has become so dribbly these last two weeks. He has all the typical symptoms of teething going on at the moment from constantly knawing his fists to dribbling all the time and needing countless vest changes as a result! His cheeks have been glowing red too so I am constantly on the lookout for some little teeth to make an appearance. It's just so funny that we are already thinking about teeth- when did that happen!?

I was recently telling some friends who are also expecting their second baby this summer how much I have enjoyed the early weeks of having a baby this time around. In hindsight, with Noah I was so caught up with trying to figure everything out and get the feeding right, often feeling stressed as a result, that I really didn't relax into those precious early weeks and just soak them up. Being a mummy second time around with Jonah has been such a different experience though. Just being able to trust my own instincts this time has really allowed me to enjoy Jonah in a way I didn't first time around. I feel so aware of his changes day by day and looking at his newborn vests that no longer fit him makes me feel broody all over again!

I love being a mummy and I love seeing all the changes and milestones that having a young family brings. I just can't wait to see what else God has in store for us!


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