Rainy day

I woke up this morning with all sorts of plans in my head for how we were going to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Trips to the beach, taking the babies on a country ramble, games in the garden...the list goes one! 
Sadly, I realised that the gentle pitter patter on the windows was not part of my dream, it was actually downcast and pouring down with rain. It only took one glance behind the curtains to realise my plans were foiled!

Even though it was wet and drizzly with a real wintery chill in the air, something about the grey sky really brought out the fresh spring colours of nature all around. I was quite amazed at the contrast of greens and yellows. Buds everywhere were blossoming, (Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to bombard you with yet another post on blossoms!) trees were beginning to wake up to the season with a fresh covering of leaves everywhere. 

As both the children were napping, Eddy and I stole a quiet minute to stroll in the garden and breathe in the air. I love the smell of spring, especially between rain showers! All I could hear were birds  tweeting all around and the rustling of leaves as the gentle wind blew through the trees. 

It was cold though! I pulled on a favourite 'coatagan' which actually belongs to my sister! (Perks!) and I regretted wearing suede boots almost instantly. Oops!

Today was just one of those nice days where you get to appreciate a few moments of complete stillness to think clearly. Being outside always helps me to release tension or anxiety and it was nice to take my mind off other things by just enjoying the beauty of spring everywhere. 

I hope you all had a lovely day too!

Love Bunty


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