Remedy for dry hands and feet

As we bottle feed Jonah, washing up bottles tens of times during the day results in drying my hands out. I found it was exactly the same in the early days with Noah when my hands would often be soaked in suds and warm water- essential, but not without its consequences for  your skin!
Recently my hands have been particularly dry so I have been using various hand creams, lotions and potions to try to remedy this.

I popped into The Body Shop last week where I picked up two items. One is the hemp hand protecter which is a product I have used in the past and really liked. It has a really organic and fresh scent which doesn't overpower and, more importantly is very nourishing. I have been keeping this in my handbag and reaching for it during the day, in between bottle washes and when I'm out and about. When my hands are feeling dry and tight this product instantly relieves them of the sensation and sets to work moisturising them thoroughly.

The second product is the Africa honey and beeswax hand and foot butter which was a new purchase. I bought it because my feet also tend to get quite dry so it looked like a total win win formula. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! This formula has a rich, buttery consistency which is so lovely and fresh.

 The honey scent is delicate and sweet and it just feels so moisturising without being too heavy. I have been massaging this into my hands and feet in the evenings before bed and not only is it soothing but it seems to really be making a difference! My feet look and feel less dry and my hands are certainly seeing the benefits too.

Of course I need to keep on top of my water intake to really support my quest for plump and hydrated skin, but these two products combined are really helping me get there! If you suffer from severely dry skin, or just want an extra hydration boost (other than a pint of water!) I would definitely recommend these.

Have any of you tried them? What are your thoughts?

Love Bunty

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