Toddler on a mission

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather to enjoy our bank holiday. Although Eddy was away, Noah and I spent the afternoon in Grandma's garden whilst Jonah snoozed in his pram. I felt like I was able to enter into Noah's little toddler adventures as he charged around the garden calling me to keep up. 
Sometimes I forget how new and exciting everything is to him. All too often, the things I take fore-granted on a daily basis are the very things that fascinate him most. I lost count how many times we stopped to check out some creepy crawly or pick at the daisies. And every time an areoplane was spotted high in the sky, all games were instantly paused to gaze overhead at the tiny moving object in the sky, all the while making the very best impression of a loud engine "rawrrrr!"
Like many toddlers, Noah is curious about everything and wants to be outside most of the time. He definitely encourages me to give more attention to the beauty of the world around us. Although I'm not as fond of spiders as he is, being invited into his world to take part in his adventures and 'missions' is a wonderful privilege as his mummy.

I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday yesterday. Here are some more photos of Noah enjoying the garden yesterday...


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