A mummy who loves her husband

I sometimes look over my blog at the end of the week and think about what I've written about, what I might write about next and how to reach the hearts of other young mummies who, like me, sometimes just need to know they are loved and cherished.

Recently I've felt inspired to address the real backbone behind my love of blogging: 

My husband is a wonderful man. He is dedicated and faithful to our family and he never tires of giving more of himself to meet our needs, let alone the needs of others around him.
So often he is the voice of calm when I am not. He know's what's on my mind before I speak it and the things I might be struggling with on any given day. 

Call me naive, but never in all my life have I witnessed a work ethic to match his. I guess it takes being financially poor to recognise this and, at the beginning of our marriage, money was extremely tight. Yet he slaved away, quite literally day and night to create a better life for our growing family; often without the promise of a paycheque at the end. Thanks to his constant focus and drive, we have been more blessed than I could have imagined three years ago.

When I'm covered in baby sick, feeling and looking a mess, he looks straight past the 'here and now' and tells me I'm beautiful to him. When we are both worn out from our days work, he will assume I deserve the longer rest and get up with the kids in the wee hours, letting me catch up on some much needed sleep.

Marriage has been a wonderful thing for our relationship. To have the privilege of entrusting your heart and soul to somebody forever has been one of the most fulfilling achievements of my life to date. 
Why am I sharing all this with you? Whether you are a parent yourself, married, in a relationship or not! I acknowledge that what I have with my husband is just a glimpse, a small insight, a fleeting example of God's love for me. I have been blessed beyond measure with a man who sincerely seeks to love me, to cherish our boys and to guide our family towards heaven. 

My faith, which increasingly is found in the trenches of everyday life, isn't always easy to live out. Yet I know one thing is true- that in the midst of our household craziness, our love for each other and our children is just a small reflection of God's great love for all of us.

My life hasn't always been as 'picture perfect' as it may sound. Yes, I am hopelessly in love with my husband and our little family and right now it has never been better. But I have made mistakes in the past, sought love in the wrong places and ultimately, been left unfulfilled and lonely. My husband was willing from the start to offer my heart a place of rest and safety. Through the good times and bad he seeks to raise me up and direct the love I have for him, to God. 

Mummies, love the men in your life: the fathers, grandfathers, brothers and sons who work hard to create a safe and happy home for our families. Spare a prayer and reach out to the less fortunate and those in domestic strife. 
Let us show our men how thankful we are for their love for us and their dedication to our children. 

Love Bunty, 
*A mummy who loves her husband*


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