Baking cookies with Snickers

I could hardly let Sunday disappear without some form of baking take place. My little sister is in the middle of her A-Level exams and understandably, feeling the pressure is on. With this in mind, I wanted to bake a sweet treat that would make her breaks a little more relaxing. 
You must know by now that I LOVE to bake and cookies are an easy 'go -to’ recipe as they are super quick to whip up. Not to mention the fact that you can put just about anything in them! 
We happened to have three snickers bars lying untouched at the bottom of the biscuit tin, so I thought I would incorporate these into sundays baking session.
I followed my usual recipe which you can see (here. The only difference was that I added 75g of cocoa powder and, right at the end, instead of mixing chocolate chunks into the cookie dough, I mixed in chopped pieces of snickers, carefully working them into the dough to ensure even distribution.

The effect: cookie heaven! I must say I was slightly dubious at first- I really didn’t know if this would work but the nougat lended itself beautifully to that perfect chewy centre and the nuts and caramel, well, they spoke for themselves! These cookies were, if I say so myself, delicious!
What I will say is that this recipe is very rich and indulgent. Obviously, calories don’t count on sundays so we were fine, but one cookie does go a really long way!

Happy baking friends!
Love Bunty


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