Bathtime with Childs Farm

 It's lovely to be able to get away from the supermarkets sometimes and find a niche, independent business to support. It's even lovelier when you find one that you can really trust; that understands your family's needs and has clearly gone the extra mile to ensure they meet them.

Childs Farm are a company who specialise in creating toiletry products for babies and children with a heavy ethos of using ingredients that are as natural as possible. Childs Farm have created products that are safe for the whole family to use; from newborns to parents and even those with skin conditions such as eczema.

In most households with young children, bath time is not only a practical time to cleanse our muddy little pups before bed, but it is an important 'wind down' time for our children too. My toddler certainly knows that bath time precedes bedtime and the routine aspect is soothing for him. I have always had a fondness for using natural bath products as much as possible and I find the aromas of such products tend to work better for calming my toddler down, ready for sleep. 

Childs Farm were so kind to send me a selection of their bath time products to use with my family and quite honestly, I have been so impressed with them. The first product we tried was the organic tangerine bubble bath. Now if you like oranges, you will love this! It has such a beautiful frangrance and I was pleased to see it contained natural and organic ingredients in the formula. As my two boys have started having their baths together, I have had to be extra careful recently about not having anything too strong in the bath as I didn't want to provoke a reaction in Jonah's delicate skin. I can honestly say it has been a pleasure to use this bubble bath though! Not only were the bubbles suitably full- perfect for entertaining little boys, but the fragrance was just gorgeously fruity AND Jonah's skin was absolutely fine with it.

Noah also tried the organic sweet orange hair and body wash which contains argan oil. This stuff just smells heavenly and he really enjoyed rubbing it all over himself. I think the beautifully bright and vibrant packaging helped- it certainly kept Noah reaching for more! 

To finish, after bath time I had some special moments with each of the boys massaging their skin with the grapefruit and organic tea tree hand and body lotion. A bit of a mouthful, granted, but oh so delicious! This silky smooth formulation transferred beautifully onto their skin and both the boys really enjoyed having a little pampering session with mummy. 

What I especially loved was how in the following morning I could still smell the lingering fragrance of the bath products in Noah's hair. It was still so fresh and juicy! 
These bath time products have certainly been a real hit in my family and I must say, having had a good peruse of the online shop, I have been quite impressed with how much you get for your money! 

As a mum to two young boys, I can definitely recommend Childs Farm as a trustworthy brand that have a real edge on the mainstream toiletry brands for children. They work for the whole family and are a real delight to use. I think the selection I have been using would be particularly useful for travelling as they come in a handy plastic pouch which you can purchase (here). I would definitely recommend you check out the online shop for a look at more of their goodies!

I hope you all have a great day!
Love Bunty


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