Bohemian-chic hair

I don't have a huge amount of time to indulge in dressing my hair anymore. Not that I spent that long doing it before I had children for that matter! My attention span is terrible when it comes to hair and I rarely could be bothered to sit for an hour curling it. However, I have also come to accept that the 'haystack' look isn't working for me either. The hashtag "Messyhairdontcare" comes to mind because that summarises a lot of my instagram photos! And if I'm honest- I do care a bit because nobody likes to be mistaken for a scarecrow!

That said, its nice when I do have an extra five minutes in the mornings to do something more elaborate than simply allowing my toddler to run a comb through my tangled knots with his jammy fingers. I have a favourite hairstyle that I always come back to in the summer months. I think I like it so much because it's easy (only takes five minutes) and it keeps my hair up and out of my face, meaning it's practical for the everyday runaround with the kids.

I simply find a middle parting and, starting with one side, begin to french plait down towards my ear and finish in a long plait. I repeat this on the other side and then combine the two plaits at the back of my head, fastening them in place with a clip.

By backcombing the back section that hangs loose, you can create a more voluminous look and add body and shape. If I am feeling particularly adventurous, or going out somewhere special, I might gently curl the loose ends too. Though for some reason only one side of my hair likes to hold a curl whilst the other always point-blank refuses- strange!

So there we have it! This is such an easy style to do and conveniently doesn't take long at all. If you fancy channelling a steak of bohemian-chic, give this a try!

I hope you all have a lovely day!


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