Bouncy Castle, Picnics & Celebrating

We've had a truly special weekend celebrating Noah's birthday and Jonah's Baptism. Members of both of our families were able to trek it down to Devon and join us in a really fun couple of days. Noah had a wonderful time being able to play with his cousins and it was nice for Eddy and I to spend time with loved ones that we don't see so often. 

Saturday was an extension of Noah's birthday where we all hung outside for the most part, picnicking and enjoying the delights of the bouncy castle. It's always that bit more special when you get to see the excitement of your own child and, at 8am on Saturday morning when the castle was dropped around, there couldn't have been more excited squeals coming from Noah as he discovered the castle in the garden!

Whilst I could give you a minute by minute run down of how Saturday panned out, I think i'll let these photos fill you in as they have captured the essence of the day really well! I will be writing a separate post about Sunday as a more formal celebration but for now, I hope you enjoy these...


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