Kilner Jar Snacks

Sometimes I find myself just wanting to cram in fruit and veggies and enjoy a real variety at the same time. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. I had been really busy painting benches in the garden and by mid afternoon I totally forgot to eat any form of lunch. Being hungry by this point I decided to make myself a 'fruit salad' in a kilner jar. I chopped up various fruits including raspberries, blueberries and strawberries and added chopped cucumber pieces to the mix. I decanted my fruits into a kilner jar and sprinkled some organic granola on top. 

Whilst I fully intended on having this with a hearty green salad, I got distracted with the children so this was all I ate in the end, but it was delicious! The cucumber went beautifully with the fruit and, although more of a breakfast recipe than a substantial lunch, it was a really pleasant and light snack to graze on when I needed a bit of a sugar fix!

This was super easy to make and actually quite enjoyable just for how appealing it looked-regardless of taste! I get on really well with these kilner jars as they hold a perfect single portion which I  normally have for my breakfast.

Easy peasy lemon squeasy! 


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