Geometrics & Yellow


Yellow can be a difficult colour to pull off at the best of times but there seems to be so much of it around at the moment-I must confess, i've been slightly intrigued!

 New Look had a brilliant sale rail the other day and I couldn't resist a small treat when I saw this boxy yellow jumper with lace detailing. It's so pretty! 
Whilst we are moving into the warmer months, the weather is still unpredictable and knitwear never goes out of season here in England! 
I thought this would sit nicely with skinny jeans or even shorts, so on that basis (and the fact it was a total steal at £8) I said yes to the yellow!

Coincidentally, I also found this wash bag in Primark which just reminds me so much of my quirky teenaged self. I loved bold, electric colours back then and something about the geometric pattern and bright yellow detailing convinced me to buy this. It's a really generous size too, so it may end up having several uses.

The last item I chose was a pretty necklace- also a Primark find. Although the quality will probably only last one season really, it's cute and pretty and adds a touch of sparkle to pretty much any outfit.

Happy Tuesday!
Love Bunty


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