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I recently popped out to our local market town without the babies in tow-which meant one thing! I raced to my favourite independent stores to peruse all the pretty glass and delicate trinkets till my heart was content! For all you parents of toddlers, you will know what a treat this was! No awkward  breakages or near misses! I love my babies but an hour to myself every so often makes for a nice opportunity to recharge my batteries and quieten my mind.

I found a few cute little pieces for our room which I thought I would share. One was a pretty glass jar with string detailing. This is such a simple design and what I liked most was its generous width. I had  been specifically looking for a short but wide jar to house my ridiculous makeup brush collection and when I saw this I knew I had found the one!

I've been meaning to pick up a stack of notelets this week because I'm always trying to remember various lists of things during the day but constantly getting frustrated because I forget them so easily! This simple heart stack of notelets is one from Caroline gardner's designs and it just makes a nice change from the standard fluorescent office ones. In just two days I have used so many of these so I'm pretty sure I will be popping back to get more!

I also picked out a pretty candle in a terracotta pot. I think this one is apple and elderberry scented- it's beautiful! When I was pregnant with the boys and in the throws of morning sickness, I really enjoyed delicate and fresh scents in my bedroom as they were such a welcome change from the smells of food cooking which bothered my nostrils so much at that time! Since then, i've really got into having candles in the bedroom and this one is definitely a keeper.

The pretty tray is from Source for the Goose. It's very simple with cute cut out hearts running along the edges. Typically, that 'shabby chic' look always appeals to my tastes and I thought this would be a great dressing table feature to arrange my jars, makeup, jewellery- anything!

I hope you're all having a lovely day!


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