Inspired Monday

I used to dread monday mornings like nothing else. After a relaxing weekend there would inevitably come that awful moment when the monday morning alarm clock would go off. You peer towards your window to find a gloomy and rainy day greeting you. Typical pathetic fallacy! And the thought of work, university, deadlines and a whole week to get through seems too much to bear- especially when Friday is so far away. 
Even though my week pans out much differently these days, it can still be easy to sink into the habit of living my week wishing it was the weekend. I'm all too aware that I am so mentally susceptible to this and so I constantly try to be mindful of not wishing my time away. For some, monday might be cold, grim and downright stressful. But it's also an opportunity. You won't get today ever again so you have a whole day to make a difference. 
By engaging with the world around me and not just souly focusing on my own needs, struggles or issues, I find it much easier to focus on making the most of my day. 
After all, with a roof over my head, food on my table and a happy home for my family, really, what is there to complain about?

Whatever your situation or circumstance, Mondays are for living! 
Make the most of yours!
Love Bunty


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