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Whilst I know I am at risk of looking like some kind of crazy ‘collage lady’  who just likes sticking pictures together and standing back to view the effect, I am admittedly, endlessly inspired by images I see.
Over time I have gradually come to find a real passion in photography. I think this has coincided with starting my own blog and needing to be able to keep it running single handedly. In the beginning, I had very little knowledge of picture taking, save that you stand still and click the button, right?

Not that I am claiming to be any expert either, (far from it!) but the little tips and tricks I have picked up along the way have really helped me to understand how to put an image together. And from this I feel I have developed (no pun intended :p) my own style and creative output in photography.

Whilst all credit for any skill I have must go directly to my husband who has taught me so much about the technical side to all things camera related. I know I have also been greatly artistically inspired by Instagram, where I often find myself immersed by stunning examples of photography, compositions and creative flair.

I was organising files of my own photos earlier and thought I would share a few personal favourites with you. Most of these are from my own Instagram account which I use as a kind of visual diary. However, I realise not everybody uses Instagram so I thought it would be nice to show you some examples.

These are all just happy snippets from my day where I have felt inspired to capture the scene. From setting up a shoot for a blog post, or just arranging flowers in the home, these are all images that I have simply enjoyed using in various blog posts or uploading to Instagram.

Happy Friday!

Love Bunty


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