Jonah's clothing haul

I recently did a bit of a clothing haul for the boys, but in particular for Jonah as he has grown out of pretty much all his 0-3 month clothes. It's always bitter sweet packing away the newborn clothes as they are so invested with the earliest memories of your baby. I was so proud of his little 'coming home' outfit that I had planned for weeks before his arrival. The first time he wore it in hospital, it completely dwarfed him! And as the weeks have passed i've seen him grow into it and now grow out of it too! It might sound silly but it's sad putting it away because it's such a visual reminder that your baby is no longer a newborn!


On the other hand, nothing in the world beats watching your little ones thrive and grow as a result of you, their parents hard work and love for them. Now that I am buying more of the age 3-6 month clothing for Jonah, its really cute to be able to look at actual outfits, as opposed to just rompers and vests which dominated much of his early weeks.

I have a few favourite outfits I wanted to share which I'm quite excited to see Jonah wear. The animal dungarees are from Next and, whilst I really liked the design myself, I also knew Noah would LOVE them, especially being able to pick out and name the different animals. It's funny to admit how much of a say Noah gets in the shopping for his brother!

The other outfits are all from Marks and Spencer's. I'm a bit of a sucker for M&S baby clothes as they are always so soft and gentle on baby skin. They seem to last brilliantly too as i've found from digging out some of Noah's old clothes recently.

I especially love the air balloon vest which goes with the gingham blue shorts. I think this will make a really sweet outfit this summer. It's a proper little boys outfit and such a nice, traditional change up from jeans and jogging bottoms!

Happy thursday all!
Love Bunty


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