Jonah's four month update

Jonah turned four months over the weekend and as this month came around so quickly, I honestly felt unprepared for this post- I cant believe how quickly he is growing!

I think the biggest milestone this month has been his movement and his little endeavours to communicate. He can now roll over and hold his head up really well when he is on his tummy. He is also full of babbling noises and will happily chatter away to whoever is holding him. It's lovely because we get to hear his voice developing as he practices making deliberate noises.

Jonah is quite a smiley little boy and loves to show us his gummy grin when he spots us heading in his direction. Still no teeth yet but all the signs of teething I mentioned in last month's post.
He has also found his feet which is really cute. He will lie on his back and bring his legs right up to his chest till his hands can reach his feet and then hold onto his little toes. I think it's really all quite fascinating to him!

 In terms of feeding, not much has changed. We are still combination feeding, though I exclusively breastfeed at night. On average he tends to wake a couple of times a night, though we have had a couple of really good 'one feed' nights!

There is not much more to update you on that is different to last month. He had more vaccinations this month but they really don't seem to bother him in the slightest. I do feel we have been very fortunate to escape the bad nights and tears that can result from the standard baby vaccs as they can be unpleasant for little ones.

I feel as though this update has been a little brief but as I said, there hasn't been anything too different to report on from last month. What I will say is that it is truly lovely getting to watch his little personality develop and change as he becomes more vocal and strong. He is certainly larger and heavier and I can really feel the difference when I feed him myself and I have to tuck his long chubby legs around my side!

I will be posting his five month update next month so stay tuned for that!
Love Bunty

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