Little bookworm

Noah really has taken a shine to books at the moment. He loves bedtime stories and studying cartoon illustrations in an effort to understand what he sees and relay it back to us. Whilst I was in Marks and Spencer's at the weekend, I happened (quite accidentally) to spy a bookshelf with their own releases of classic children's stories. 

They had so many of the beloved stories I grew up with and a nice mix of princes and princesses to interest young boys and girls alike. At £3 each, they are pretty affordable and are also substantial reads for little ones. I picked up two which I thought would go down well with Noah. 

When I took them home and showed him the books he was so excited and ran straight in to tell Granny all about the bears and horse!

 I am reluctant to spend a small fortune on new books every week as, between Noah's two grandma's, we could fill a small house with the amount of children's books on offer! But I thought these two would be ideal to begin his own 'collection'. At this age, reading books is all about repetition and going over and over the same stories and themes anyway, so we don't need endless different books right now. At the moment, Noah enjoys a few select books on repeat and I think these two will become a great asset to his pre-school reading skills.

Any mums out there looking for some lovely, gentle reading for little one's? Definitely consider Marks and Spencer's! They are a fraction of the cost of what you pay at other bookstores anyway!

I hope you're all having a lovely week!


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