Marshmallow pops

The other day, Noah and I had a go at making some Marshmallow pops together. What I like about these is how much fun they are for kids to get involved in. Also, as I used marshmallows for our base, one pop isn't overdoing as far as a treat goes, so they make quite a good little children's dessert.

To make ours I used wooden skewers (I had spare from our previous session making fruit kebabs which you can read about (here.) I then popped a marshmallow on the end and dipped it into melted chocolate. These went in the freezer for five minutes, until the chocolate had solidified and then we got creative with the decorations!
With some of the chocolate marshmallows, I dipped half of the marshmallow in more melted chocolate and then swirled the end into a dish of hundreds and thousands. Others got the full treatment of being covered in vibrant smarties.

You can come up with all sorts of recipes and ideas for these 'cake pops', whether you opt more healthier versions or a more indulgent snack, these are great for little ones to have a go at. I like that ours aren't 'perfect' either- characterful, I would say! Haha! It all comes with the territory of having a toddler help you out!


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