Meri Meri Bunting

When Jonah was born, we were gifted so many lovely presents from family and friends. It's almost overwhelming when people around you go out of their way to show you how much they care about your family- especially when it's in celebrating a new arrival!

Some family friends bought Jonah this beautiful bunting from Meri Meri designs. It came as five individual packets of letters with the string to hang- all I needed to do was thread the letters onto the string and hang them.

I really like the way each letter is individual and printed on a different pattern of fabric. Although they are all so different, the effect together is striking, bright and so very cheerful- perfect for a little boy!

I can so imagine this hanging in Jonah's room as he grows up as it's the kind of decoration that doesn't really age or go out of style. In fact, I'm quite tempted to buy a few more! 

Happy Friday everyone!
Love Bunty


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