I received this Monuspa facial mist in my Glossybox this month and I have become quite enchanted with it! So much so, I thought I better share the good news!
Aside from the fact that in this muggy weather we all end up craving a cold spritz of water to the face, this is honestly very refreshing and pleasant to use regardless of the temperature outside.
 I have been popping this in my handbag and using it intermittently throughout the day to refresh my face. You can use it on bare skin or made up skin alike. In fact it is recommended as a great way to set your makeup in place with just a gentle spritz. Alternatively, you can even use it as a body/clothes fragrance.

This mist is named 'Rosewood' and I would describe the scent is delicate but so fresh at the same time. I don't personally like sugary sweet scents so this was right up my street. Even though I am terrible at describing scents, I can definitely pick up on the gentle rose infusion and something else that reminds me of cedar wood.
The 50ml bottle is the perfect size for being on the go and having in your handbag. I think this is one of those products that would be really handy for summer, especially if you are jetting away somewhere exotic! 

What do you guys think of facial mists?

Love Bunty

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