Noah turns two!

Yesterday marked a celebration very close to my heart. Little Noah turned two and as Eddy and I sat up as the clock struck midnight, we couldn't help but be catapulted back in time to that very day, two years ago. 
It's quite remarkable how a birthday celebration takes on such a greater significance once you have your own children. I really felt I was sharing in Noah's birthday in such a unique and gifted way. For me it was a celebration of Noah's birth all over again. The success and safety of his arrival and now, two years later, the celebration of all that he is, has achieved and brings to our family. We love him so dearly! 

As you can imagine, celebrating the birthday of a toddler involved lots of balloons, rounds of singing 'happy birthday' and lots of present unwrapping. After enjoying a 'birthday breakfast' of strawberries and croissants, we took him to his favourite soft play in our local market town. It's a bit of a hidden gem as its always quiet and has plenty of space for little ones to really run off some energy. 
After two hours of chasing mummy and daddy around, we took Noah home where he caught up on some much needed sleep.

In the early evening we had a bit of a birthday tea for him which he was so excited about! His little face lit up as the family sang happy birthday to him. I don't think he expected to be the centre of attention at dinner, but he was delighted nonetheless!

It was a truly special day and one that we will treasure for all that it means to Eddy and I as his parents. One part of the day that really touched me was how excited he was over his big helium number two balloon! His auntie bought him it and he wanted it by his side all day! 

After a wonderful day, I can't believe we have a two year old now! Noah is having a birthday party at the weekend with more of the family coming down to celebrate and I have to admit, I'm pretty excited that we get to do it all over again!

I hope you've all had a lovely day!


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