Paddington Bear

I think there is something quite special about a book that can capture the imaginations of children for generations. A a child, I can remember reading the story of Paddington bear and his magical journey from darkest Peru to London. I guess it's one of those classic stories that stick around without growing old or tired. It's a tale that I hope my boys will grow up loving every bit as much as I did.

When Eddy was on a recent business trip, he had a few minutes to spare at Paddington station in London, where there happened to be a shop dedicated to the story of Paddington bear. After all, Paddington station is the namesake for Paddington bear! 
He rang me excitedly to let me know there was a store there and should he go in to find a present for the boys.

Obviously, my answer was "yes!"- not least because I love a good coming home present, but because Noah has become really enchanted with the story. Since the film was brought out last year, Noah has found his ultimate chill out movie and now rarely a day passes without his request to watch "Paddingding". Whilst I like to monitor his tv watching, I am more than happy for him to while away his afternoons with his head in a picture book!

Eddy decided to pick up this beautiful hardback copy which features six stories of Paddington bear's adventures. Each is magical in its own right and is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of milk before bedtime. We began with the first story last night as we settled Noah down for bed. He snuggled in close and happily listened as Eddy read to him. I think Noah particularly loved spotting the different characters in the story-especially Paddington. He would happily stop the reading to remark that once again, Paddington was on the page!

The illustrations are beautifully vibrant and easy to follow. They are perfect for little ones just learning to read as there is not too much text on any one page and the pictures really illustrate the text well. 
 I think this book will be one that stays close to the boys' bedroom for a long time to come! 

Happy Wednesday!
Love Bunty


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