Polenta Sugar & Mummy style

It’s lovely when you get to share special moments with your mother and I feel so fortunate to have so many memorable ones I have shared with mine in my own life. I have often been inspired by my mums style. For example, last week she came home with a pair of gorgeous embellished white leather sandals from Clarks and as she showed them to me her face just lit up beautifully. They were an instant hit with both of us! After looking at them in detail I could see they were beautifully crafted to ensure comfort and they were just so gorgeous to look at. 
I was pretty much sold on first glimpse and so I had a naughty moment on the internet and ordered a pair for myself too! I saw they had been named ‘Polenta Sugar’ which I thought was so cute. Something about those pretty embellished gems made them look as if they could be crafted from sugar!

I wish I had dainty small feet like my mum, but I definitely take after my father in that department. I knew I couldn’t get away with borrowing her pair so I thought I would get some for myself and live in them this summer.

They arrived packaged beautifully and so carefully too! I slipped my feet into them and felt an immediate cushioning on all sides. It felt like the pressure had been taken off my feet as the leather protected them from any rubbing. No nasty breaking in process for me!

I am one of those people who finds a shoe and wears it until it is practically falling apart. I like to get my 'monies worth' and I think these are going to be one of those pairs that I wear day in and day out. 

Happy Monday all!
Love Bunty


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