Pretty ribbons, Peonies & Dippy Egg

I thought it would be fun to summarise my 'favourites' post again this month as I have been feeling quite inspired! With it being Peony season, I have to admit I have been repeatedly buying these whenever I happen to pass by a florist shop. I can't bear the thought that their season will come to an end, so i'm just trying to enjoy them as much as possible before it passes!  

Another 'favourite' are these pretty ribbons by East of India. I used to buy these all the time when I was in college. I would use them for art projects and wrapping gifts and always had a few reels on the go-I don't know how many of these three metre lengths I got through! They happened to be on sale in Daisy Park, so I picked up a few pretty pastel designs to put to use. Not that they wouldn't look out of place just sitting prettily in a glass vase for that matter! They are sweet to look at and would make a beautiful gift all by themselves.

Annie Sloan's chalk paint has been another firm favourite this month. I have been trying a few more shades for the first time and two that I really like are Henrietta and Louis Blue. Henrietta is a deeper version of Antoinette and is a really girly pink. I've already been putting it to good use so I have really enjoyed it. Louis blue is a classic baby blue colour and is just so beautiful and light. It's been really lovely to work with too and is yet another Annie Sloan favourite of mine. That said, I don't think there is a colour I haven't loved of hers yet!

The H&M necklace actually belongs to my sister and is a recent purchase of hers. It arrived the other day and we both thought it was just gorgeous. It has a really simple design and is easy to style with so many summer outfits. Bit of a staple accessory for the season methinks!

The simple paper notebook is just charming beyond words. The brand Dippy Egg is a hidden gem as I had not heard of it until recently. The products are just gorgeous though with lots of pretty cards, gift wraps and notebooks with ink designs on. These are a haven for mums like me who often have some list or other to quickly jot down. My notebook is beautifully made and is a real pleasure to use. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, what are the things you have been loving this month?
Love Bunty


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