Quince Honey Farm

We took Noah and Jonah to Quince honey farm yesterday as it had been recently recommended to me for having a really good children's soft play area. I haven't visited in a long long time, so I was eager to see how it looked inside and what it might offer in terms of a family day out.
When we arrived, Eddy took Noah to explore the bees whilst I fed the baby and after that we all headed into the soft play area.

 When Noah saw all the vibrant colours as we walked through the doors, his face was a picture! He ran ahead of us and quickly proceeded to explore the whole area. Being a thursday morning, I wasn't sure exactly how busy the place would be and I was secretly hoping it would be quiet and easy to keep an eye on Noah that way. 

We were lucky! The place was almost empty, save for a few other children of similar age, whom Noah quickly made 'best friends' with. He happily chatted to the other children and chased them around, climbing up the different levels of play area and down the slides.

The place had a really family friendly atmosphere. Whilst I was a bit apprehensive about letting Noah go off by himself, the supervisors were happy for me to kick off my shoes and follow him up the various tunnels and passages of the play area. I realised that the other parents of pre-schoolers were doing the same thing which really impressed me. Normally soft plays are very much 'children only' zones where parents are not permitted to play with their children in. 

Whilst it is the perfect place to sit back with a coffee so that slightly older children can burn off their energy, I was really grateful that Eddy and I could follow Noah around and spend that time with him just being kids again.

It was a really fun morning and we both said we would love to make it a regular thing for Noah to go to. He is full of energy at the best of times, so having a facility like this which challenges him physically and mentally is an excellent way to spend a few hours.

I hope you all had a lovely day!
Nearly the weekend!


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