Sisters, Zara & Orange

Good morning friends! I wanted to share something a bit special with you- this post is about my sister's style and great taste in fashion! To change up the usual posts about me, I thought I would show you the outfit she put together to wear to Jonah's Baptism. 

Rosie has a really chic sense of style. She is very much a jeans and converse kinda girl, but when it comes to getting dressed up for an event, she has a great eye for putting pieces together!
This outfit is undeniably all about the skirt. We had a look together at different tops/jackets we could pair with it to really bring out the beautiful colours and patterns in the skirt. As you can see, it really didn't need much!

It's a classic from Zara and what I love about it is how wearable it is throughout the seasons. I can totally envision her wearing this in autumn with browns and nude colours. Yet here in summer the bright orange and red tones of the poppies really contrast beautifully with the cream.

Rosie's orange vest top is actually mine from last summer. It was a supermarket find that I really enjoyed wearing to bring a pop of colour to my own outfits. The white jacket is from H&M and is one that I have fallen back on many times in the past. It goes with everything and its sharp cut always adds a touch of sophistication to most looks. I find it the perfect means to quickly smarten an outfit up!

We swapped the shoes for this shoot just to make them slightly less formal than the nude courts she wore to the Baptism. These are leather sandals from New Look which were a recent purchase. Again, I like how easy they are to pair with lots of outfits. I bought them for Jonah's Baptism knowing I would wear them throughout summer. 

It's lovely to be able to piece outfits together with your sisters. Whilst there are six years between our ages it really doesn't feel like anything at all when we are swapping the contents of our wardrobes every other day! We also happen to be the same size shoe so you can imagine that comes in handy a lot!

 For anyone who doesn't know Rosie, she is the sweetest girl with such a beautiful heart. I hope these photos reveal some of her easy going and charming nature. 

Happy weekend all!
Love Bunty (and Rosie!)



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