So long, sweatpants!

Considering the amount of posts I have written about new outfits for the babies, I realise that I haven't done much to convince you that I'm (finally) out of my postpartum, baggy sweatpants! You'll be glad to know I have finally started dressing myself properly again on a morning! 
In fact, I have actually found a couple of nice pieces in the supermarkets recently that I wanted to share as they are so accessible to most of us here in the UK.

These trousers are from Sainsbury's. They're a pretty blush/nude colour and blessed relief from heavy Jeans in the warmer weather. It's been really muggy here the last few days so I have really enjoyed having something lighter on my legs.
 You can tell I'm a granny before my age- I just love how highwaisted these are! They feel secure when I'm constantly running after Noah in a way that jeans don't. One thing I hate is having to readjust jeans once on, so it's nice to be able to rely on a pair of trousers to just stay in place!

My teeshirt is one from last year at H&M: plain, grey and easy to coordinate with a lot of clothes. Because I'm breastfeeding, my outfit 'formula' always begins with clever undergarments to ensure modesty when I'm feeding. I always have a vest top under whatever shirt/tee/blouse I am wearing to make it easier and keep me covered when the baby is tugging at my top!
The blazer is a steal from my sister's wardrobe. It's from Topshop a few years ago but that colour always draws me in- I just love it!

My shoes are also a recent Sainsbury's find. Again they are a nice change from summer flats and, being nude, they are so easy to pair with many outfits. The heel height is my favourite thing about them though as they are surprisingly comfortable without having any platform on the soul of the foot. 

And of course, what outfit would be complete without a highly staged, beautiful bouquet of flowers to finish?!
I'm kidding- these were a treat I picked up for my mum the other day (also sainsburys!) I just love stocks though and couldn't resist  when I saw them!

Happy weekend everyone!
Love Bunty


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