The perfect 'mummy' skirt

I think my earliest interest in fashion must have developed when I was about 9 or 10. I can remember watching all the classic musicals like The sound of music and The King and I and so often I wondered what it would be like to wear those long dresses complete with bonnets, bows and lots of ruffles!

This was in the 90's and early 2000's though when crop tops and flared jeans were all the rage and I can remember even then, at a relatively young age, just wanting to dress up in something truly special and feel like a lady.

It seems the longer length skirts are coming back around and I just love seeing all the different variations and styles on offer! I think these are probably the most universally flattering style and nine times out of ten I find a longer length skirt brings sophistication to an outfit that mini skirts simply can't handle! Maybe that is my age and situation in life talking but I definitely feel my most comfortable when I don't have to worry about clothes 'giving me away'!

My sister lent me her skirt from M&S recently and I have become a bit obsessed with it. It's so nice to be out of jeans but know that I'm covered for pretty much any situation. Whether I need to be bouncing on the trampoline with Noah or looking under our car to retrieve a lost toy, it's good to know I'm not at risk of a wardrobe malfunction at the same time!

With summer on the horizons, I have my eyes peeled for more 'mummy friendly' outfits that are stylish and practical.
That's definitely becoming a motto for my wardrobe attire these days!

Love Bunty


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