Teepees & cheekypigs

I had a lovely time in the garden with Noah yesterday. Jonah was snoozing away in his moses basket and Noah just wanted to be running around exploring everything from little insects, to the birds that have been nesting in Grandad's garage!

He was wearing a new favourite t-shirt which has a cartoon teepee on the front. The Teepees unzips to reveal a lion underneath and my word, this has been the subject of countless lion imitations from Noah! 

He has been practicing his best 'roars' in an effort to watch us all feign being terrified. For some reason, he absolutely loves this and believes us every time!

We had another moment where he was crawling around after a woodlouse and ran away shrieking after the woodlouse cheekily began to follow him. Up to that point Noah had been chatting away to his little 'cheeky pig' friend but that soon stopped when he thought the cheeky pig was going to get him! 

I just love the way spending time with a two year old means you get to glimpse the world through their eyes. Everything is interesting, new and exciting and it really reminds me to not take foregranted the world around me.

I hope you all have a lovely day! 


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