July Favourites

It’s the end of another month and I was thinking about the products that have made a bit of a difference recently. Sorry in advance but this post is going to be quite makeup heavy!

As the summer months approach I tend to reassess my skincare, usually opting to wear less coverage makeup during the daytime. My focus shifts towards protecting my skin from the sun and harsh UV rays. As much as I love to sit down properly and apply my makeup leisurely, it’s just not practical in the warmer months when the kids rise earlier. Also it’s not ideal for when we go camping on our holidays. Having a quick and simple routine is always the better approach!

I’ll start with skincare as I have been using some products that are really working for me at the moment. First up is the Spa Sanctuary time reversal face mask. This mask is more of a thick cream that I apply after cleansing my skin. It’s like an intense moisturiser hit for your face that just leaves my skin feeling amazingly hydrated and plump. We’ve had a particularly bad few nights with the babies waking up a lot and it's becoming increasingly hard to hide! Aside from trying to drink lots of water, taking a bit of extra care with my skin routine has been helping me a lot! When I’m overtired I can always feel it in my face. My eyes feel dry and tight and so does my skin. This mask instantly relieves me of the sensation and is a great little pamper treat to use in my evening wind down routine.

I have also been really enjoying the Avene soothing eye contour cream and light hydrating cream. This is a French brand I have not previously used but my other face creams had run out and I wanted a complimentary duo combination for my eyes and face. I liked the look of these, especially as they use thermal spring water which is renowned by dermatologists for its soothing properties. I use these two twice, daily and I have to say they work really well together. I use them to moisturise my face before I apply makeup in the morning and I also use them on my bare face in the evenings after I have washed and cleaned my skin. So far I’ve not had any skin irritation and I find the formula sinks in quickly. Love it!

The Clinique mascara is a new purchase. I have always struggled to find the ‘perfect' mascara and have probably spent a small fortune on drugstore brands over the years. I once had one of these Clinique ones and loved it so much but I never thought to buy it again when it dried out. As my last mascara dried up, I knew I needed to purchase a new one but didn’t want to be disappointed. I don’t personally like the smaller mascara wands at all and I find so many of them really irritating around my lashes. Nothing compared to my Clinique mascara I had so I decided to give it a go again. Suffice to say I won’t look back, I love this! What I love most is how soft the brush is on my eyes. It’s really comfortable to apply and I also love the natural definition it gives my lashes. 

The Lanolips lip gloss is a recent purchase and I have been using it non-stop this month. I just find it’s a nice in- between fall back when you want to avoid a full on lipstick pout. This gives a really pretty pink colour payoff but it’s so much easier to apply, especially when on the go! I already knew Lanolin to be a fantastic ingredient as I have used it in the past and unsurprisingly, it leaves my lips feeling plump, soft and thoroughly hydrated. What’s not to love?!

The Estee Lauder Double Wear BB cream is probably my favourite product this month. As I said before, I like to swap out my makeup products for lighter ones in the summer and that means foundation goes away too! I prefer a much lighter base and so I decided to try this BB cream. I also felt it would be a familiar choice as I use the EL Doublewear foundation most of the time anyway. This is similar to the foundation, but notably lighter and with a dewier finish. I love it for that! The coverage is good enough to really even out my skin and cover pigmentation and uneven tone but it really is very light in formula. It also lasts nicely through the day, (though I’ve yet to wear it on a hot day as the weather has been so dull recently!) Whilst you do pay a little more for this, I’ve always felt the difference in quality and longevity of use when I buy from Estee Lauder.

It might sound silly but there are so many ways our skin can age more gracefully when you think about it. I think what we put on our skin and inside our bodies plays a great part in how the years change our appearance too. One rule of thumb for me is that 'less is definitely more' especially when it comes to my makeup routine and the ingredients in the products I use. 

But that’s a whole other debate! Haha!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourite products for this month and enjoy the rest of July before it ends!

Love Bunty



Jonah's 5 month update

Last week seemed to fly by and before I knew it, the 21st had passed and Jonah had reached his 5 month milestone! In terms of growth and change, lots has happened this month and it’s been really exciting to watch him develop. I think one of the nicer aspects has been his relationship with Noah and their bonding as brothers. Jonah’s little face lights up when he sees Noah coming his way and he cranes his neck and rolls over to try and keep up with the comings and goings of his big brother. 

 This month we have begun weaning Jonah. So far, these early months are playing out in a very similar way to Noah’s. His hunger is no surprise as Noah began weaning at 4-5 months and so I have just followed suit and let Jonah lead me in this area. At the moment I am giving him half a mashed banana for breakfast after his initial morning feed. Then either at lunch or dinner time he will have a bowl of baby rice. Again, I just follow his lead as to when he seems hungriest after any given milk feed.


As you can see from these photos, he also loves to play! During the past four weeks he has really enjoyed learning to play and amuse himself with objects (especially bright and colourful ones!) He had great fun pulling apart my roses and watching the petals fall around his feet. 

 I’m still breastfeeding two or three times a day and exclusively at night time. However, I sense as the weeks pass, this is becoming more of a comfort to him and less of a nutritional need. I always get to this point where I acknowledge that I probably won’t be feeding him myself for too much longer and feel a bit emotional about it because it's such a bonding experience. Whilst it’s a totally natural process, I think it’s also bitter-sweet knowing you will never have that closeness with this child again. 

His attempts at moving around are really obvious and becoming increasingly deliberate and controlled. Jonah loves to lie on the ground kicking his legs and lifting his head in an attempt to sit up. So far, he can roll onto his tummy from his back and vice versa. He also loves sitting in his little seat and watching what everybody else is doing. 

And it goes without saying one of my favourite things about this little boy is his great big gummy smile! It just melts my heart and makes the hardest day seem worthwhile! I love babies at this age when they can spot mummy in a crowd and give you that special smile they seem to reserve just for you! It's a beautiful relationship and I love it more every day!

Happy week everyone!

Love Bunty


Summer has arrived!

When the weather is good here, it’s really good and we love taking every opportunity to be outside enjoying it. With the way work is at the moment, most of our Saturdays are currently free which equals one thing when the sun is out- family day at the beach!

 We’re lucky enough to be quite spoilt for choice here in Devon with some of the country’s most beautiful coastlines and beaches. On Saturday we headed out to Instow for the day and had such a ball! Upon our arrival, Noah immediately busied himself with building sandcastles with Daddy whilst Jonah enjoyed kicking the sand and feeling it pour between his toes. 

Perched on the sand and looking at my boys, I definitely had that ‘summer holiday feeling!’ It was a beautiful way to spend the weekend and a great way to see in 'phase one' of our summer hols which begin next weekend! (Eek, I’m so excited!)

 In a way, I feel these photos speak for themselves. We’re very much a normal family enjoying spending quality time together! These are precious moments because they are just natural shots conveying snippets of fun we had and holding those memories for us. 

 One little moment that was particularly sweet was when I walked up the sandy lane of the carpark opposite the beach to buy some much requested ice creams. There happened to be a beautiful little chalet home nestled behind some enormous lavender plants. I spotted that there was a table outside the house with an honesty box and bundles of hand picked lavender for sale. I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss! It’s not often you see the kind of trust and generosity of using an honesty box system these days, but I thought it was a beautiful testament to the people of North Devon and indeed, the character of the home owner!

I was delighted to show a little support and ended up nearly buying the lot! Honestly, you don’t get fresher than that or more generous at 20p and 50p a bunch! If anyone is in the area, do pop down and get yourself a real bargain! 

  What our day together yesterday really showed me was that sometimes the best moments really are the simplest, the spontaneous, the unplanned and the un-staged. 
I just can't wait to enjoy plenty more days like this over the course of the next few months!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!
Love Bunty

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