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I have a diary from when I was about 13 where I wrote a paragraph a day for one whole year, completely uncensored and full of my honest thirteen year old thoughts, ideas, concerns and joys. Now I consider it one of my treasures even though it’s extremely cringeworthy! Reading through the pages always transports me back in time as my memory is jogged to my school days and young teenaged self.

My brother’s girlfriend recently came to stay and she showed me her five year, One line a day diary: A beautiful book where you have a few lines a day to record that day’s happenings and events. The diary goes on for five years so, on each day there are five entries for you to write that day five times over. The result is that as each year passes, you can literally compare what you were doing that day with the years before.


I thought it was such a brilliant idea and in the end I decided to buy one myself. During these early years with the children, I feel as though so much happens and this will be such a great way to briefly document each day. The fact that there isn’t a huge space to write each entry makes it seem really doable too and therefore, hopefully I won’t give up half way through!

It’s so beautifully bound with gold detailing on the pages and cover and the handy size means it is perfect for a handbag. Mine arrived this week so I haven’t got very far with my entries, but I cant wait till a year passes and I can begin comparing what I did each day with the year before!

If you are interested in getting one for yourself, I picked mine up from Amazon here.

Love Bunty


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