A little sporty edge

If there are one pair of shoes that has never let me down it has to be my original Converse trainers which I bought back in 2008. These guys have served my feet so well through the years and have certainly stood the ultimate test of time for comfort and quality!
I was looking for them the other day and found them lurking at the bottom of my 'winter shoes' box of all places. I immediately got them out and popped them on!

I've always loved my Converse for how easy they are to team with any outfit. You never have to overthink it with these which suits me down to the ground! 

Having enjoyed the Wimbledon coverage recently, I felt inspired by subtle sporty influences in fashion and have found it quite fun to replicate this in my own outfits. I like the way that Converse offer a little nod in that direction. 

Don't be fooled though, this outfit did not break the bank! The dress was on sale in Tesco so I snapped it up on a whim- (yes, it was the stripes that did it for me!) At the time, I also just wanted to let my legs see some sunshine for a day. I have become so bored of jeans and trousers recently and found myself almost craving something that would provide sweet relief from my mundane 'uniform'.

My necklace is from H&M and I like it for how 'outfit friendly' it is. The gentle colouring of the beads just goes with everything! With a few soft curls to the ends of my hair, I was pretty pleased with this understated, 'sporty chic' look.

I think it's good to have a dig around my wardrobe and take inspiration from it without feeling the need to buy new every time I am inspired by fashion. My dress was around £11 and my necklace was around £7. Whilst I think my Converse were £30-£40 seven years ago, this outfit is extremely budget friendly! Win!

Are any of you guys Converse lovers like me?

Love Bunty


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