Bathroom Tidy

For the last couple of months my Garden Trading wash up trug has been sitting on the side and not being used for anything in particular. However, the other day I felt quite inspired to find a new use for it altogether!

Recently, I have also been pondering buying some kind of  bathroom tidy as it seemed as if my product bottles and and pots were taking over the bathroom and I can’t stand disorganisation! 

I thought it would be fun to dig out my trug and use it as a bathroom tidy for the time being. In truth, I didn’t really expect it to work and only had it in my mind as a temporary fix. But actually, I have come to really like having it in the bathroom anyway. I think the ‘wash up' slogan becomes slightly humorous in a bathroom setting and the three compartments are actually really sizeable and useful.

I’ve always thought this kind of system is really good for products that are used on a daily basis as you can see them straight away and get to them more easily than riffling through various other products along the way.
 Whilst, if I'm honest, I can’t nearly get everything into this trug, I can get the daily essentials which makes them much easier to find in the meantime and this is even more practical when I’m in a hurry!

I think it just goes to show how you can change things up a bit in the home and just be creative with you things. It’s also fun to 'break the rules’ with home accessories! Let’s be honest, that’s about as rebellious as my life gets at the moment! I’m such a thrill seeker!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week!


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