Cath Kidston to the rescue!

Trying to encourage our toddler to eat his evening meal without it descending into a nightly performance has been our recent parenting challenge. Noah has a strong will when it comes to what he thinks he wants to do and an even stronger will when it comes to what he knows he doesn’t want to do!

Nevertheless, ensuring he eats a balanced and healthy diet is important- regardless of how he feels about it. It’s just been quite tough recently to get him to see from our point of view! We’ve tried altering nap times, lunch times, drink times etc in order to make dinner go down without drama but sometimes, for no reason at all, we find we have a battle on our hands. Consequently, it’s been quite hard to figure out what the right course of action should be.

I bought Noah this trains dinner plate as a little experiment in the hope I could inject a little fun and generate a renewed interest in meal times. So far so good! It helps that Noah is obsessed with trains at the moment and loves mimicking them! The individual sections on the tray seem interesting to him as he has enjoyed separating his foods into them and having the freedom to choose what he wants to eat first! 

When it come to parenting, learning to choose our battles has proven to be one of the greatest pieces of advice we were given. Not a day goes by when toddlers don’t need careful guidance, discipline and loving attention to direct them in the right path. We don’t want to be parents who endlessly seem upset or displeased with our children, giving them the message that they will never be good enough in our eyes. 
I'm happy to discover little tips and tricks along our parenting journey which make life easier for us as parents and our children too!

Hope you're all having a great week!
Love Bunty

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