Country walks & balm for the soul

I love walking around the Devon public footpaths at dusk. The light from the setting sun is always so brilliant. There are some fields on a hill where you can see for miles and the golden glow of the sun covers the land as far as the eye can see. It's a beautiful place to witness the sun making its descent at the end of the day.

Eddy and I went out for a walk the other evening to stretch our legs. As we did, both of us were quite taken aback by the golden rays of light that fell all around us. We clambered all the way up the top of the hill to view the village and surrounding landscape.

Earlier in the day I had been thinking about alternative dates for us that would really allow for spending quality time together without distractions. Whilst I love catching a movie together or going out to dinner, I sometimes find myself just wanting some time alone and the deep countryside offers a stillness and quietness that is so soothing. I always find it easier to clear my head and compose my thoughts coherently this way. It also offers a great oppertunity for me to open up to Eddy and be able to share what's on my mind and in my heart. Good old country walks are such balm for the soul! 

The ground was dry and warm as it had been gloriously hot all day so I didn't require my usual wellies for this kind of excursion! Whilst I could have easily pulled on some jeans, a hoodie and wellies, I decided to make a bit more of an effort and wore some floral trousers from H&M which I bought last year. I paired these with a White embellished jumper from Zara and some leather sandals from Marks and Spencer's. 

Whilst it was a bit of a 'mumsy' look, I felt comfortably casual. Neither too dressed up nor too shabby for what was, essentially, just a walk with my best friend. I really enjoy mixing old clothes with new. Not only is it fun to play about with the items in my wardrobe, but I think it's important to be practical too! Over the last couple of years I haven't bought that many clothes in reality as I've either been growing a big pregnant belly or trying to get back into my pre- pregnancy skinny jeans! Either way, I haven't wanted to let go of all my older pieces so it has been fun infusing old clothes with some new pieces.

I hope you're all having a fab weekend! I can definitely see another country ramble lined up for us!

Love Bunty


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