Don't overthink it!

It's funny how sometimes you see something that totally inspires you. I found this tee in the Zara sales and couldn't take my eyes off it as the phrase 'don't over think it' is one my husband often comforts me with. When I laid eyes on this I could almost hear Eddy's voice in my head whilst I was reading it. 

It's a sentiment I often remind myself about. I have a real tendency to over analyse situations and whilst it can be helpful, sometimes it really hinders me as I just end up feeling wound up and more anxious about whatever the problem was in the first place. 

Sometimes we will be driving in the car and Eddy will say to me "I can hear the cogs turning...stop thinking about it!" He seems to instinctively knows when I am struggling with something and will endeavour to distract me from it or fix the problem. But I recognise that my 'overthinking' habit doesn't help in those moments.

Finding peace, calm and quiet in the busy world of family, children, parenting and blogging is not always easy to do and whilst the internet has its uses, it can be a real burden at the same time. As a young woman I constantly feel hit with a plethora of pressures: sometimes insignificant and fleeting and sometimes more ongoing and challenging. But I know one step that can send my anxiety running is to try to not overthink things- especially when I am overtired!

 Finding time to be still and to quieten the mind never fails to be soothing. For me that is where my faith comes into play a lot and I really just seek out God's guidance to make the best of the situation at hand. 

Happy Wednesdays all!
Love Bunty


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