Fancy Pink Magnums!

You probably know by now that my love of all things sweet knows no bounds! I was trying to come up with a slightly more 'designed' dessert that was a bit different but really affordable at the same time, easy to replicate and a bit creative! 
Being summer, I thought it would be good to channel my love of strawberries and ice-cream and come up with something truly scrumptious!

I've seen the pink Magnums around for a while but have never tried them. What I have seen plastered around the internet are really beautiful photographs of Magnums looking nothing less than crafted food art! Well after that, I couldn't not try my hand at creating a dessert using them... Que the country bloom of flowers!

I very simply rustled together some raspberry coulis, fresh strawberries and silver decorative balls to get to work on my little masterpiece. I was thinking about how this could be quite a fun little dinner party dessert: unexpected and presented in such a way as to make a bit of an event of a simple ice cream lolly.


The flowers really helped to bring the whole composition together; out came the camera and I started snapping away! I think there is a lot of fun to be had with taking something very simple and making it look fancy. 
I am no chef whatsoever, whilst I love to bake sometimes I don't even have the time for that, so this makes for a fun and quick alternative!


I hope these photos inspire you to get a little creative with the contents of your freezer! Enjoy!

Love Bunty


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