Jonah's 5 month update

Last week seemed to fly by and before I knew it, the 21st had passed and Jonah had reached his 5 month milestone! In terms of growth and change, lots has happened this month and it’s been really exciting to watch him develop. I think one of the nicer aspects has been his relationship with Noah and their bonding as brothers. Jonah’s little face lights up when he sees Noah coming his way and he cranes his neck and rolls over to try and keep up with the comings and goings of his big brother. 

 This month we have begun weaning Jonah. So far, these early months are playing out in a very similar way to Noah’s. His hunger is no surprise as Noah began weaning at 4-5 months and so I have just followed suit and let Jonah lead me in this area. At the moment I am giving him half a mashed banana for breakfast after his initial morning feed. Then either at lunch or dinner time he will have a bowl of baby rice. Again, I just follow his lead as to when he seems hungriest after any given milk feed.


As you can see from these photos, he also loves to play! During the past four weeks he has really enjoyed learning to play and amuse himself with objects (especially bright and colourful ones!) He had great fun pulling apart my roses and watching the petals fall around his feet. 

 I’m still breastfeeding two or three times a day and exclusively at night time. However, I sense as the weeks pass, this is becoming more of a comfort to him and less of a nutritional need. I always get to this point where I acknowledge that I probably won’t be feeding him myself for too much longer and feel a bit emotional about it because it's such a bonding experience. Whilst it’s a totally natural process, I think it’s also bitter-sweet knowing you will never have that closeness with this child again. 

His attempts at moving around are really obvious and becoming increasingly deliberate and controlled. Jonah loves to lie on the ground kicking his legs and lifting his head in an attempt to sit up. So far, he can roll onto his tummy from his back and vice versa. He also loves sitting in his little seat and watching what everybody else is doing. 

And it goes without saying one of my favourite things about this little boy is his great big gummy smile! It just melts my heart and makes the hardest day seem worthwhile! I love babies at this age when they can spot mummy in a crowd and give you that special smile they seem to reserve just for you! It's a beautiful relationship and I love it more every day!

Happy week everyone!

Love Bunty

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