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I haven't done a 'purely fashion' post in a while but I do enjoy piecing together outfits, so I thought it would be fun to talk you through how I dress for my 'Sunday best.'

Whilst more recently I have really enjoyed being super casual during the weekdays and having some real time away from my makeup stash and heels, when Sunday comes around, I think it's important to recognise it is set apart from the other days of the week and, as a family, we reflect that in the way we dress. It's not about being showy and it's certainly not about the clothes themselves, but out of respect for the Mass, we try to look a little more formal.

 Having said that, there are days where if I manage to arrive at church without baby sick down my shirt (which I didn't get a chance to iron by the way), i'll take that as a win!

For us, our Sundays mainly involve going to church and having quality time together. Growing up, we were always encouraged to look our best on Sunday, with respect to attending church. Whilst I know I certainly became more casual in my teens, there was once a time where jeans were certainly not on the fashion agenda for church and we all made an extra effort to smarten ourselves up.

I wanted to share an outfit I wore to church this week as it's one I am really loving at the moment. Months ago, I saw Frankie Bridge wearing this coat and I remember thinking it looked gorgeous on her! It's by River Island which I bought from Asos recently. I was looking for a light summer coat/jacket that had a bit of length to it and when I saw this, the colours and shape of it instantly had me! It has that trench feel about it in the style and familiar waist tie, but because it's so light and flowy, it really only feels like wearing a cardigan as opposed to a full on coat!

Underneath, I am wearing some high waisted jeans from Asos. These were in the sales and were pretty much a steal at about £11. Being highwaisted, they are fairly easy to work with a variety of outfits. They're also super stretchy which definitely works in my favour at the moment- seriously my big old mom hips don't lie! 

My top is also from Asos and is a simple high neck sleepless summer vest. I really liked the colour as it was a near match for the coat i've teamed it with.
You've seen my shoes before, these are the heeled slingback from Sainsbury's I got last month. The nude colour just works with everything and the heel instantly smartens up the whole appearance.
I like to feel more covered at church which is why I love this coat so much. It's stylish but brilliantly practical and modest too.

I'm thinking of making a bit of a weekly feature of my 'Sunday Best' here on the blog. Let me know what you think!

Love Bunty


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