Naughty bags & Clever packing

When it comes to leaving the home for an overnight stay, we seem to be packing an increasingly longer lIst of stuff to bring with us. It's funny how many 'just in case' items are packed away for 'on the off chance' situations when you have children, ensuring even the simplest journey always requires a little forward thinking, planning and organising.

As this tends to be my area of expertise in our family, I am generally the one to pack the children's clothes, our clothes, and all the other bits and bobs like bottles, snack bags, lunch boxes, drinks, sterlilizer kits...etc. You catch the drift- I'm the list maker, checker and double checker! I have to say, over these past three years, I feel I am getting the knack for space saving.

Something I spotted the other day that really inspired me were these giant bags I found in Daisy Park. These are plastic zip close bags that can pack a punch! Sorry about the slogan, my sister and I couldn't help but burst out laughing when we saw 'random crap' because it's so bloomin' true sometimes! I thought it was too good not to!
 As soon as I saw these I knew they would be a perfect suitcase replacement as they would hold the same amount of luggage whilst taking up minimal space. Also, I just love how they fold away flat when not in use making them so easy to store at home when not needed. Perfect!

As we are currently planning our summer holidays, I know these are going to double up as great luggage holders and beach bags too. I'm really excited to see if one will hold all our beachy paraphernalia for our seaside day trips! We are planning a little escape to Cornwall this year, borrowing my parents Campervan for the duration. As we have never done this as a family of four before, I am beyond excited at the thought! I tell you, the list making for our packing has already begun!

Happy weekend all!
Love Bunty


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