Roberts Revival Mini

 Roberts Radio have been extremely popular in the family home for over 80 years now. In 1932, Roberts began producing their iconic radios, founded by Harry Roberts, and have since been filling homes with the beautiful sound of music for generations.

I have fond memories of being presented with our first Roberts Radio. It was given to us as a wedding gift three years ago and since then, it has taken pride of place in our home. When I think about it I realise that for a long time I have considered my radio synonymous with relaxing and unwinding from a busy day.


 Roberts Radio kindly sent me one of their limited edition Revival Mini radio's to review for them. As I already have an original Revival, I was instantly quite familiar with the design and overall look of the mini version when it arrived. 
On first impressions, I was particularly taken by the sleek and slimline look of this Radio which makes it even more portable. Each one comes with a built-in battery charger meaning you don't have to rely on an electric socket for power. You can taken yours into the garden or anywhere else for that matter! I can't help but think what a great camping essential they would make?!  

It goes without saying that there is something really lovely about sitting outside and listening to the radio. In an age where so many are sitting inside watching televisions, I always feel compelled to get our family outdoors, especially while the weather is so good! I mean, what happened to simply listening to the Wimbledon coverage?!

 We had such a lovely time picnicking in the garden this week and this beautiful Hot Pink Revival Mini took centre stage for the most part.

I have always thought there is something so quintessentially British about the family gathering around a radio. It reminds me of the scenes in The King's Speech when the families huddled around the radio to hear the King deliver his speech about the impending war and Britain's strength as a society. 
My feeling is that no matter how far technology advances, there will always be a place for the radio in our homes. Nothing beats the way it can boost your mood by tuning into your favourite channel and just passing away some time quietly listening.

 Roberts Radio have asked me to help spread the word on a campaign where, for every limited edition Revival Mini that is purchased, £10 will be donated to Breast Cancer Care. They have three limited edition colours that you can opt for- this hot pink version being one of them. Why not tempt yourself with a peek at the others here!?

 If you would like to be in with a chance of winning one of these beautiful radios, Roberts Radio are also running a competition via their social media. All you need to do is create a picture and message to brighten someones day and post it on Instagram and Twitter. You can find out more about this competition and how to enter by following the link (here.)

I have to say my only problem with Roberts Radio is that I want one of every design possible! They are just so stunning and right up my street when it comes to practicality v's aesthetic appeal! 

I hope you are all having a fabulous day!
Love Bunty

*Whilst this is a sponsored post, all opinions expressed are authentically representative of BuntyLiving.* 


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