Summer has arrived!

When the weather is good here, it’s really good and we love taking every opportunity to be outside enjoying it. With the way work is at the moment, most of our Saturdays are currently free which equals one thing when the sun is out- family day at the beach!

 We’re lucky enough to be quite spoilt for choice here in Devon with some of the country’s most beautiful coastlines and beaches. On Saturday we headed out to Instow for the day and had such a ball! Upon our arrival, Noah immediately busied himself with building sandcastles with Daddy whilst Jonah enjoyed kicking the sand and feeling it pour between his toes. 

Perched on the sand and looking at my boys, I definitely had that ‘summer holiday feeling!’ It was a beautiful way to spend the weekend and a great way to see in 'phase one' of our summer hols which begin next weekend! (Eek, I’m so excited!)

 In a way, I feel these photos speak for themselves. We’re very much a normal family enjoying spending quality time together! These are precious moments because they are just natural shots conveying snippets of fun we had and holding those memories for us. 

 One little moment that was particularly sweet was when I walked up the sandy lane of the carpark opposite the beach to buy some much requested ice creams. There happened to be a beautiful little chalet home nestled behind some enormous lavender plants. I spotted that there was a table outside the house with an honesty box and bundles of hand picked lavender for sale. I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss! It’s not often you see the kind of trust and generosity of using an honesty box system these days, but I thought it was a beautiful testament to the people of North Devon and indeed, the character of the home owner!

I was delighted to show a little support and ended up nearly buying the lot! Honestly, you don’t get fresher than that or more generous at 20p and 50p a bunch! If anyone is in the area, do pop down and get yourself a real bargain! 

  What our day together yesterday really showed me was that sometimes the best moments really are the simplest, the spontaneous, the unplanned and the un-staged. 
I just can't wait to enjoy plenty more days like this over the course of the next few months!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!
Love Bunty


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