Terracotta, Henrietta & Louis Blue

I was recently at our local recycling centre where the lovely owner was trying to get rid of some miniature terracotta pots. They were caked in mud and 25p a piece and I thought in the moment, I could really do something with these!

I spent literally a few pounds and picked up a handful of them to take them home and work a little magic on. Suffice to day, they endured a really thorough clean! I don't know how old these pots are or what they once grew, but judging by how they looked, they definitely had a story to tell!

As I had two tester pots of Annie Sloan's Henrietta and Louis Blue to hand, I decided to revive the pots with a fresh lick of my favourite chalk paints!

I didn't want to overdo it though as the terracotta colour, once cleaned, was so lovely and vibrant by itself. Instead, I decided to just paint the rims of the smaller pots, alternating in the blue and pink colours.

For the two larger pots, I painted the bases leaving the rims in their original state. Once dried, I began playing about with their different possible uses, aside from the obvious- plant pot! I tested them as trinket holders, makeup brush holders and stationary pots-amongst other functions! And I soon realised these had such potential for a wide variety of uses at home.

I love that each pot was slightly different from the next. They have a real charm in their imperfections. As you can see, the rim indentations are not 'perfectly' straight and they became all the more visible once the paint was applied. But I must say I really like them that they have character.

I had some spare peonies stems that were about to 'go over' so I popped a couple of heads into the smaller pots thinking these would look lovely for a dinner party table! You could put candles in them or even make your own candle wax to go inside!

The possibilities are endless, I tell you! I'm pretty sure these pots will remain a permanent fixture around the house, whether on my dressing table or outside on our picnic benches. 

I think I will need to go back and purchase the rest of the shelf of pots!

I hope you're all having a lovely week,

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