Tractors, barns & keeping casual

Having shown you earlier in the week how I like to smarten up for Sunday, I thought I would contrast that in today's post. This is a very typical outfit for me, like countless other mummies out there! It's my usual everyday uniform comprising of jeans, a tee and a throw on jacket. I love the simplicity of this combination and that it is so easy to replicate- no matter what your budget!

The other morning, we took Noah out for a little stroll around the farmland near his Grandparents house. There is a red brick abandoned barn which still has the year of construction above one of the great lintels. Having written that, I realise I have forgotten the year exactly but it was definitely built in the 1800's. As such, I find it a real hidden treasure and would love to know more about who built it, how it was used in its former glory days and if there are any hidden treasures inside its walls. 

My historical curiosity soon turned to dreams of converting the barn into a home. Oh boy, I could list the ideas I have- But I'll try not to digress too far! 
Noah loves farms and tractors so he was delighted to spot a great tractor pulling up by the barn with a long trailer behind it. It turned up just as we were leaving to continue our walk so we paused and spent a while watching, pointing and imitating the sounds!

After he had satisfied his curiosity with the tractor, he held my hand and pulled me along saying 'walk mummy'- clearly we were going for a countryside ramble and I was being too slow about it! 
Mr M grabbed our camera and took some snaps of us together. Admittedly, I was thinking at the time maybe I could work this into some kind of a fashion blog post, and whilst I kinda have, it's nice to fill you in on the whole story. 

We spent a little while just wandering along together, plane, car and tractor spotting as we went. 

What I love most about wandering by the flat fields of Lincoln is that you can see for miles and miles. It becomes a mammoth playground for little ones to explore! 

 And explore the land is exactly what we did! We found butterflies, insects and all kinds of little creatures to stop and gawp at. Noah particularly enjoyed chasing after the butterflies and trying to catch them! 

I think it's nice to find time to be together just enjoying the displays of nature all around us. It doesn't cost a penny and we all had a lovely walk that I will certainly remember and hold dear!

Love Bunty


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