Urban Decay Basics

If you happen to be on the market for an eye palette which contains the most perfect mixture of nudes possible, than look no further ladies! My sister recently bought the Naked 2 Urban Decay Basics  palette and, oh my goodness, these shades are just gorgeous! In six tones, Urban Decay have managed to create a blend that will suit every occasion imaginable and these colours are so so SO beautiful on the skin!

What I love most about Urban Decay eye makeup is that it really goes the extra mile in terms of staying power and colour payoff. The formula of these pretty shadows is so workable around the delicate eye area and the combinations you can come up with, are endless!

Also, being a pretty neat little package, this palette is super travel friendly and would happily accompany you to work, on your holidays, or really any occasion for that matter. The packaging, whilst cute, is really durable and feels strong. Complete with handy mirror, these shadows are really easy to apply, especially if you're running out of time and need to quickly put something on whilst running out the door, or even en route to your destination. 

I think what I like most is how well these colours can compliment so many skin tones and the various ways they can be used. They are all matte colours save for the lightest tone, Skimp, which works brilliantly as a brow highlighter. I love that you can really build a beautiful smokey eye with these, or simply create a 'barely there' daytime look with a quick sweep of one colour.

My sister has been using this every day since she bought it and I'm pretty sure I will be too unless I go out and get one myself! Im not going to lie, my makeup collection is a bit ridiculous and no, I certainly don't need all the makeup I own, but this palette really is something special. 
I think you can tell the quality of formula pretty instantaneously when you apply it. It stays on all day without budging and blends to look almost airbrushed with very little effort. 

 This is a really lovely palette and I think that its versatility is what takes it up a level in the makeup ranks! I can whole heartedly recommend this to anyone who wants a reliable and easy makeup routine that just works! 

Let me know what you think of Urban Decay makeup ladies!

Love Bunty


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