Water bombs, hot weather & taking precautions

It has been so enjoyable having such beautiful sunny weather recently and we have been spending as much time as possible outdoors soaking it up! One of our days this week was particularly hot and so we decided it would be fun to make water bombs for Noah to cool off with.

Naturally, with Daddy joining in the fun, we didn't stop with just water bombs though, the pressure washer had to come into play at some point! 

Of course, with a little toddler running around under the scorching sun, it's so important for me to protect him from the harsh UV rays. Noah seems to take after me in my pale colouring and as I know it doesn't take long for me to resemble a lobster on a hot day, I didn't want to risk the kids getting burnt.

When it comes to protecting our skin, this is something I don't mess about with. You can imagine the many reasons as to why I take precautions when we are out and about. Aside from the obvious risk of burning, the long term effects of constant exposure to the sun are very damaging, causing premature ageing of the skin and sadly, cancers too.

I don't bother buying any sunscreen under factor 50 because I feel it just defeats the point and also, with younger children, it's easier to all be using the same bottle. To ensure Noah is protected enough I tend to spray him all over with sunscreen before we go outside. Yes, I am also one of those mums who sprays my child's head too! For the reassurance that his head won't turn red, I certainly have no qualms about scheduling a few more hair washes than normal. Noah often refuses to wear a sunhat but I try to keep one handy when we are going to be outside for long periods of time. I also make sure to cover his shoulders too, which is normally easy as he only wears t-shirts anyway!

Whenever Jonah has been outside in this kind of heat, I have always ensured he is in the shade. However, I did lather the sunscreen on him the other day at the beach as it was crazy hot and I just didn't want to take any chances!

Thankfully, nobody burt and more importantly, the family fun wasn't ruined by sore burnt skin!

I would definitely urge anyone who doesn't wear sunscreen to think carefully about how much they expose their skin when the weather is as glorious as it has been of late. It just isn't worth having health problems later on for the sake of a tan today. Hence why I always opt for the kind of tan I can buy!

I hope you're all having a great week,
Love Bunty


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