3pm pick-me-up

I don't know about you guys, but I really struggle with my sweet tooth-all of them! I notice a very consistent pattern almost every day where come mid-afternoon I begin to crave sugar. It's that break between lunch and dinner time when I find it most hard to keep up a mental fight against a tempting tea and biccie! 

To help keep me on track with my own fitness goals, I have been looking for healthier ways to enjoy snacks and fill that void when the 3pm hunger hits. I thought I would share with you a recipe I have been particularly loving recently.
 I actually got this idea from Kayla Itsines whose fitness regime I am currently following.

This is such a simple idea and in a way I'm surprised I hadn't come across it before! I have simply sliced an apple and filled it with peanut butter. 
Personally, I like crunchy peanut butter and find it goes so well with apple. The crunchy and salty flavour and texture of the peanut butter compliments the apple beautifully and really tastes like a treat! It's nice and filling and helps to curb my sugar craving quickly. Whilst it's obviously better to go steady on the peanut butter, these two go hand in hand and make a rather delicious combination! I've been enjoying this as a snack in the afternoon coupled with a peppermint tea. Yum!
If you want to be even healthier, you could swap the peanut butter for almond butter which is also super tasty and good for you. We just didn't have any in the cupboards to use today.

How do you keep the 3pm sugar cravings at bay?!

Love Bunty


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